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DecentApps also means Decentralized Applications...

Lets build you a decent app

DecentApps is a USA based custom software development company. Specializing in Database, Intranet, mobile applications, CRMs, blockchain and anything on the web. We also provide information technology, startup and business consulting. Whether looking for custom web or windows based solutions, DecentApps will design and develop whole systems, or add functionality to existing applications.

Our staff is professional and communicates effectively with clients. We have excellent support and response time since you are only in communication with the person developing your system, and will make any requested changes quickly. Working with a local, USA based company like DecentApps can prevent frustrations of working with overseas firms, different timezones, etc. Let us help you create the business tools your company needs!

You have an excellent app idea but no startup money?

DecentApps is also a startup development company. So if you have the next best app idea, bring it to us and we will work with you to get if off the ground. We will work out a profit sharing agreement, or a combination of reduced rates and an agreement. You can get your project up and running with less startup costs! We will also sign any agreement to guarantee that the idea remains your property. Contact us today before someone else creates your idea!

With this startup agreement route, we are partners, investing our time in your company and we want to see it succeed. After the initial version of the system is developed, we will work with you to help make the product a success. This means unlimited ennhancements to the product, website or system in the future. We will help you brainstorm additional ideas for the system. We will also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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We are into blockchain, dApps, cryptocurrency & AI... Yep, all that cool stuff.