How to buy Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

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This is only a quick, general guide. This is not financial advice....
There are a lot of legit cryptos out there, but be careful of scams...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Think of the cryptocurrency market just like the stock market.

Different blockchain systems & companies for the most part have their own TOKEN or COINS.

A TOKEN is like a STOCK & has its own "stock symbol", like Bitcoin ($BTC), VeChain ($VET), Ethereum ($ETH), etc.

To get started, you will need to purchase these TOKENS on a CENTRALIZED crypto exchange, mostly similar to online stock exchanges.

Just like a stock exchange, you will need to either link your bank account or a credit card to purchase any cryptos.
Currently, at least in the US, credit card companies do not allow crypto purchases, so bank account it is.

On MOST exchanges you will also need to go through an ID verification process to prove you are who you say you are.
This verification is needed before you can deposit funds or trade.
Usually this entails entering your SSN (in the USA), uploading a utility bill & your ID.

>>> A secure & trusted exchange to get started at is COINBASE.
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        It is common for people to buy $BTC / $ETH at Coinbase, then send these funds to other exchanges to buy different Crypto.

>>> BINANCE is another tried & true exchange. They also have a "fiat-onramp" where you can buy directly, just like Coinbase.

        If you are a USA resident, use Binance US, signup here:     & recieve $15 when you complete all the Account Verification.

        If you are outside of USA, use original Binance: .
At the moment there is no signup bonus here, BUT if you can get others to signup via YOUR referral link, you get a % commission on every one of their trades!

Once you are a pro with centralized exchanges. The next step if you are serious about blockchain & cryptocurrency is to look into all the different blockchains out there. It started with Bitcoin. Ethereum was next with its revolutionary "smart contracts" chain. With Ethereum, any individual or business can release there own token / coin. So Etherum has its own "crypto stock market".

MANY other blockchain companies have emerged, trying to improve on what Ethereum did. Each different chain has their own tokens/coins & DEXs... Solana, Vechain, Cardano, the list goes on & on... Go find your favorites or hit us up for some suggestions.

If you want to be in full control of your cryptocurrency, wallets & avoid the centralized exchanges above you create a wallet on Ethereum and start looking into Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). The most popular being Uniswap. I will be posting another article about the benefits of DEX trading. It is basically how cryptocurrency was meant to be handled, P2P without a centrallized middle man. But you have to be extremely careful as there is no central entity that can bail you out if you make a mistake. Opsec is critical. OK more on this soon...

* If you happen to lose ALL of the money you put into the crypto market...
Well, that can happen, but I cannot take any responsibility! You have to be very careful & only invest $ that you are willing to lose / do not need for day to day life. The crypto market is the wild west, you can make $, but also lose it all very quickly...

(again nothing on this website is to be taken as financial advice, blockchain is cool & I just want more people to learn about it.) *

If you strike it rich from any info here... tips are welcome!

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